Sabo Concept

Beautiful Scandinavian style wooden toys.
Sabo Concept was launched by a married couple. She is a designer and his passion is wood crafting. Their talents were combined and developed into beauty,  functionality of shapes and lines. The Scandinavian style brand stands for environmentally friendly and high-quality production, remembering that their main consumers are children. 
Sabo Concept wood toys are elegant, minimalist and aspire to well-organized,  ordered space eliminating fuss and clutter.
Sabo Concept Wooden Rainbow in Pastel Quick shop
Sabo Concept english alphabet blocks in natural wood Quick shop
Sabo Concept cubes green Quick shop
Sabo Concept Wooden Rainbow in Terracota Quick shop
 SaboConcept Wooden Rainbow in Grass Quick shop
Sabo Concept Castle Building blocks multi-coloured Quick shop
Sabo Concept cubes multi-colored in box Quick shop