Brand Spotlight: Sabo Concept wooden toys

Sabo Concept is a whimsical eco-friendly wooden toy brand that I have been carrying on Sugarloaf for a few months now. When I select new brands to bring into my small shop, I'm extremely careful and I can tell you that I love having Sabo Concept on Sugarloaf. Here is why: 
Sabo's toys look beautiful in any nursery or any kid's room. They are both great decorative pieces and perfect as educational toys. They really help to develop motor skills, sorting techniques, learning colors, shapes and volumes.  These unique wooden toys are made to grow with your child and to be passed on and on. They are not only wonderful baby toys but are also creative toys for toddlers and older children. 

Sabo's wooden toys for babies and toddlers are handmade in Ukraine with a lot of care and attention to details. The beautiful wood grain shows through and you can feel the energy of nature in the smooth finish. In addition, they also have the fantastic smell of wood and the colors are beautiful. The paint they use is all natural and water-based, which means that they're 100% safe for your little one. 

Sabo Concept wooden cube set in green. Wooden cubes set made out of linden tree. 24 pieces in a set. Covered with such beautiful water-based paint that you can see the structure of wood through.
Photo from Bailey Rankin  @baileyjrankin

The brand was launched by a married couple. She is a designer and his passion is wood crafting. They combined talents and turned them into beauty as wella s functionality of shapes and lines. 

Wooden rainbow stacker from Sabo Concept available at Sugarloaf online baby shop based in Brooklyn, New York
Wooden Rainbow Stacker
A set of 7 gorgeous rainbow stacking elements come nested inside each other

With its pure and sleek Scandinavian style, the brand stands for environmentally friendly and high-quality production, while staying to true to its core mission: making children happy. Sabo Concept wooden toys are elegant, minimalist and aspire to well-organized, ordered space eliminating fuss and clutter.

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