About Sugarloaf

Sugarloaf is a carefully curated online baby shop based in Brooklyn, New York. We offer modern organic baby clothes, unique handcrafted & ethically-made baby essentials, soft toys and whimsical gift ideas for babies and toddlers. Sugarloaf selected adorable and exclusive baby brands and designers from all over the world that share the common purpose to work only with beautiful and high-quality materials to preserve the delicate skin & health of our little ones while offering unique designs.
At Sugarloaf, we love promoting well-made, simple and beautiful pieces that will last a lifetime.

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Our beautiful selection of baby clothing & essentials, nursery decor objects and gifts ideas, offers you exactly what you need to enjoy every precious moments with your baby. 

Each of your orders with Sugarloaf will be prepared with care and love because we want to offer you the best shopping experience possible and make it a very special moment.
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Sugarloaf’s founder, Danielle, is inspired by her own 2 children
Léon and Joséphine.

About Sugarloaf Baby Store Brooklyn

Why Sugarloaf ?
"Because I wanted to pay tribute to my hometown: the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. And also because when I was a little girl, I used to eat a little " pain au sucre" (a sugarloaf) as my daily afternoon snack. I used to love these so much! Thank you so much for visiting us and we hope to have you here again soon, with love and gratitude!"

Danielle, founder of Sugarloaf