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Welcome to Christine's Haus

Welcome to Christine's Haus

I am delighted to share with you a few pictures taken by Christine aka @thishausofours on Instagram.
Collaborating with Christine is a true pleasure because her pictures are ALWAYS outstanding.

Silly Silas Baby tights and Bayiri Organic baby knits hat and booties

For her lovely photo shoot, Christine picked two brands I am really proud to carry on Sugarloaf: Silly Silas, well known for its amazing vintage-style baby tights and the organic baby brand Bayiri Knits from Madrid, Spain. 

I love following Christine's Instagram account, because she shares her journey as a German woman, wife and mother of four adorable children living in the U.S.  I am really fond of her interior design inspirations and tips, because they are always so beautifully presented! On top of that, we share the same love for rattan. 

Christine is not just another "blog mom" you would stumble upon on social media. Her Haus, which means home in english, reflects her unique way to document her days, her vision of motherhood and lifestyle.
She definitely stands out thanks to her signature styling of the photos she publishes on Instagram. There is something special about the warmth of the colors and of the light in the filter she developed over five years. To me, Christine is like a painter.

Silly Silas baby tights with braces in olive green and Bayiri organic baby knits hat and baby booties in red

So, if you want to work on your pictures to create a similar mood as hers, it is now possible thanks to the very interesting tools she recently launched. These presets are called "This Haus of Ours Presets" and you can find under the handle @thishausofours_presets on Instagram. "I have just been asked for years and years about them and how I edit and get my signature style. I finally took the plunge and released them", Christine explained. 
Silly Silas Baby tights in green and Bayiri organic baby knits red hat and booties Sugarloaf online baby shop in Brooklyn New York
"The ‘This Haus of Ours’ preset pack is designed for the every day Haus to add beautiful warmth and vintage hues to any scenario. It is designed to ignite a love for capturing the small, in between moments. To enrich those precious memories captured", she added.


This Haus Of Ours new presets Christine and her four darlings

Learn more about This Haus of Ours Presets 

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