2022 Holiday Gifts for Babies and toddlers

Tis' the season! Yes! The holidays are finally (almost) here and yes, it is time to think about all the little ones on your list!
I know that we are only in early November and we will first have Thanksgiving, which is one of our favorite holiday too, but I would say that it is never too early to shop for Christmas! You don't want to be overwhelmed at the last minute. So if you do your shopping early, you will feel super good about it and you will avoid the risk of shipping delays!

Since Sugarloaf's Holiday gift shop is now open, I wanted to  highlight on our blog a few lovely Holiday Gifts for Babies and toddlers. But keep checking back because we will add new items to our holiday shop until December. A good way to make sure you do not miss new items, is to subscribe to our newsletter if you are not part of our community already!

Holidays gifts for Babies and Toddlers

I just would like to add that it is always a great pleasure to put together this very special blog post about our Holiday Gifts for Babies and toddlers. This year we are happy to welcome Egmont Toys to Sugarloaf, a toy brand coming from Belgium. This brand focuses on educational baby toys with a strong vintage look. Everything we love!

Here is part 1 of our 2022 holiday gifts for babies. You can choose from adorable clothes and wooden toys, animal plushes to practical accessories and unique pieces that are made to last and to cover all your baby's needs. I hope you will already find something that catches your eye. And if not this time, please come back in the next few weeks as we will have new arrivals very soon!

1. Wooden Pull Along Dog Toy from Egmont Toys

Our adorable wooden pull along dog toy from Egmont Toys has floppy ears, colorful wheels and the connection between his front and back enables him to both go straight and turn corners! His cute short tail bobs up and down as he moves. This toy is certainly a lovely and fun gift idea for a one year old to put under the tree this year. 
Recommended for ages 12 months+

2. Boris the Polar Bear from Bunnies by The Bay

Boris the Polar Bear is a super soft and cuddly stuffed animal.
Always r
eady for hugs and adventures! Dressed in his arctic blue scarf to keep him cozy and sweet. He is such a companion for story time, adventures, or decor for a very special room. Safe for all ages!


3. The Moon Baby Romper from Mebie Baby

We love the little moon print which makes this baby romper look really elegant and unique. The long sleeves are perfect for Fall and Winter and will keep baby nice and cozy day and night.

4. Wooden Fire Truck Toy from Egmont Toys

This wooden fire truck toy from our new brand Egmont Toys is a great stocking suffer and a must for the young firefighters out there! We love this wooden fire truck toy so much! This adorable and fun wooden fire truck is light, robust and easy to manipulate. A guaranteed success!
Recommended for ages 12 months+

5. Lion - Natural organic rubber teether from Tikiri Toys

If your are looking for a small, easy and practical gift idea for baby, do not look further! Made from organic natural rubber, this lovely lion is ideal for teething babies.  It is designed with both soft and hard parts to help soothe a baby’s irritated gums and to be easily gripped by tiny hands. This teether toy is made from organic natural rubber and is 100% safe and non-toxic.



6. Forest Puzzle Cubes for Egmont Toys

Great educational fun. Let your toddler assemble the cubes and learn everything about the forest animals with our new forest puzzle cube. You can create six different animal puzzles using the 9 cubes that are included. This forest puzzle cube set promotes learning through play. Ideal to develop the senses and the motor skills. Recommended for ages 3 years+.

7. Scraggly Billy Goat Plush from Bunnies by The Bay

Scraggly Billy Goat plush will be your little one's new BFF for sure!
He is super soft with hand-embroidered features, and also chic enough for home decor. Our unique stuffed animals and plush toys encourage imaginative play, storytelling and develop cognitive skills.
Safe for all ages.

8. The waffle Quilt for Baby from Mebie Baby

Our waffle quilt is perfect not only for baby, but also in the home.
It is made out of a soft bamboo and cotton blend that the little ones and / or the new parents are sure to love!

9. Wooden Pyramid Stacker from Sabo Concept

Handcrafted in the Ukraine from water-based paints on all natural hardwood linden. The graduated stacking rings create a simple first “puzzle” for toddlers and preschoolers, who learn spatial relationships and basic physics through stacking and ordering the pieces. Also makes a gorgeous display piece on the nursery shelf! For ages 12 months +.


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