Oli & Carol Natural Rubber Toys for Babies

I am so happy to welcome to Sugarloaf the adorable natural rubber toys for babies designed by the Spanish brand Oli & Carol


Oli & Carol Natural rubber toys for babies Sugarloaf

I simply could not resist to bring you these super cute toys. I love how they can be used in many different ways, as bath toys and teethers or even for sensory play. They will also be really great decorative objects for your baby's room.

Oli & Carol Origami Boat in Mint

Oli & Carol  natural baby toys are handmade toys. They are made of 100% pure rubber from Malaysian Hevea trees. They are safe for your baby to chew, because they are hand painted with natural food-graded dyes. These non-toxic toys will bring endless fun in the bath. They are perfect for imaginative play and super easy to clean. They have no holes and won't get mold nor bacteria!

Chewable Oli&Carol Origami Boat in pink

Oli & Carol collection offer a wide variety of natural rubber toys with different shapes and colors perfect for babies. I selected for you the origami boats and Elvis the Duck, which are two bath toys classics. These come in soft natural tones, mint and nude and in bright yellow for the Duck. I also added two vintage-looking animals: Nelly the Elephant and Bubbles the Sea Horse. 

Oli & Carol Elvis the Duck in Mint and in Nude

Discover Oli & Carol natural rubber toys for babies here!


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