modern and simple baby basics checklist

Take a look at this minimalist baby essentials checklist created by Sugarloaf! Planning for the arrival of your little bundle of joy can be sometimes overwhelming, but you are in the right place!
Sugarloaf has some beautiful, modern and simple baby basics to help you as you prepare to bring your new baby home! 
 the selection of our baby clothes, accessories and also soft toys ideas we picked just for you. 
Having these key items on hand will ensure you’re prepared for your baby’s first months.


1. Organic cotton ribbed knot gown

Modern and Simple Baby Basics and Essentials Checklist. Mustard Organic Cotton Ribbed Knot Gown

Our organic ribbed knot gown for newborns are from the brand Mebie Baby.
They come in the size 0-3 months and they have fold over hands and two snaps for easy on and off. The bottom is easily tied and untied in a knot for easy diaper changes. The fabric is very soft and stretchy. A lovely, comfortable and soft gender-neutral sleep sac. During the first few months of having a new baby, new parents really love those practical knot gowns that make life a little easier. Knotted baby gowns are at the top of the list of favorite outfits to take babies home, because they're so wonderfully functional

2. Layettes sets for newborns

 Organic layettes sets for newborns in blush pink, vanilla white and yellow mustard

Our Layette sets are perfect for newborns and little ones.
They are comfortable, very soft and super easy to use. 
Dressing a fussy new baby can be tricky, but these kimonos for babies make life easier for new parents. We love the kimono top style with a tie on the inside and outside. Baby kimono-wrap tops are so much faster and easier and new parents love how the cross-body wrap style of baby kimono tops feel safer than over-the-head options when dressing newborns. This set has covered feet on the pants to keep the little feet warm. 

3. Muslin baby swaddle blankets

 Newborn baby in her muslin baby swaddle blanket from Mushie

Lightweight, breathable, and gentle enough for delicate skin, muslin blankets for babies are a popular choice among parents. 
The muslin swaddles are definitely the most versatile, as they can be used for a variety of purposes: stroller cover, nursing cover, light blanket and more!
Swaddling is simply wrapping baby securely in a receiving baby blanket with only their head peeking out. It is thought to mimic the safety and comfort of Mom’s womb. Get inspired by the many uses of our beautiful and versatile swaddles. Please remember that blankets are not safe during nap time or bedtime for your baby. Anything that could potentially cover their mouth and nose could lead to suffocation for your infant. 

4. non-toxic teethers and teething toys for babies

Natural rubber teethers, teething toys for babies from Tikiri Toys

Our non-toxic baby teethers are ethically made and eco-friendly for your little one. Baby teethers are used to soothe babies' gums when their teeth start coming in, at around 3 to 7 months of age. Teething can be a difficult and painful and teething symptoms such as biting, drooling, crying, night waking, ear pulling, cheek rubbing and generally being irritable — can actually start a few months before baby's first tooth appears.
Discover our selection of beautiful, fun and all natural baby teething toys & teethers as well as silicone teethers. Soothe your tot's sore gums with our all natural and safe teethers for babies! 

5. baby first soft toy 

Maileg Lullaby friends is a collection with beautiful items for babies.

Babies and toddlers love stuffed animals and plush toys. They are perfect playtime companions and offer little kids comfort when they’re working through some challenging feelings. Find your baby new best friends and discover here our soft toys & stuffed animals collection that you will love and your baby will adopt right away. They also make a great gift idea for a new baby or even a younger child.

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