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Sugarloaf has been around for almost 5 years now and I thought I would reintroduce myself to you!
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My name is Danielle and I am the founder and creator of the online baby store Sugarloaf. I am the mother to two wonderful and bright children, Leon and Josephine. They are the inspiration of everything I do in my life, including Sugarloaf.
Danielle founder and creator of the online baby shop Sugarloaf with her daughter Josephine.
Me with my daughter Josephine during our Summer vacation in Switzerland.

I often refer to Sugarloaf as "my third baby" as it was always my dream to own and curate my own online baby store and use my skills for my own company.
After working for two great kids design brands, Oeuf NYC and Nobodinoz, my dream became true in 2017, with the unconditional support of my husband Jean-Cosme, who made this endaevour possible.
Today, Sugarloaf is a family-owned business, based in Brooklyn, New York. It is still growing and evolving with all the ups and downs, challenges and hard-fought victories that come with running a small business. 

When I was in the process of picking a name for my online baby store, I chose Sugarloaf because it reflects my childhood. I wanted to pay tribute to the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro where I was born. And also, as a little girl growing up in Switzerland, I used to eat a small " pain au sucre" (a sugarloaf) for my daily afternoon snack. I loved these so much!

Over the years, Sugarloaf's mission has been to offer responsibly-made and eco-friendly baby collections at a fair price. I believe that choosing the best quality for the most important person in your life should not be costly. 

Sugarloaf works exclusively with independent designers and baby brands, both from the U.S and from all over the world. They share the common purpose to work only with natural, non-toxic, and high-quality materials in order to preserve the delicate skin & health of your baby and toddler, emphasizing safety, while offering unique and beautiful designs.  We love well-made and aesthetically sleek pieces that will last a lifetime and will be passed over generations.

When visiting Sugarloaf online, you will be able to explore our different sections and find baby clothing and newborn essentials that are made of organic cotton, soft and non-toxic fabrics, such as baby rompers, muslin swaddles, layette sets and more. In the play&decor section you are invited to discover our selection of unique nursery decor objects, natural bath toys, soft plushies and handmade wooden toys encouraging imaginative play and developing cognitive skills.
Do not forget to check out our new arrivals section often as we are always receiving the latest trendy little baby outfits, baby essentials, seasonal must-haves and gift ideas.  

I envisioned Sugarloaf as your one-stop shop for all your little ones' needs. 
We are here to offer you exactly what you need to enjoy every precious and important moments with your child's early years of life. 

Each of your orders with Sugarloaf will be prepared with the most care and love because we want to offer you the best shopping experience possible and make it a very special moment. Complimentary gift wrapping is offered at all times if requested.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post that tells you a bit more about me and what Sugarloaf stands for.

Thank you all for visiting our online baby store today, your support and love and I am looking forward to continuing to serve you, my lovely costumers.


Danielle Founder and creator of Sugarloaf online baby shop

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