Dear Sugarloaf's Family&Friends...

Sugarloaf_StarThis is me Danielle, the girl behind Sugarloaf and the baby on the picture above! Here we are.
I finally decided to take some time to work on Sugarloaf's blog. This is something I wanted to do for a long long time but the launch of the store took all my time and here we are 8 months later. I am writing these few lines hoping they will help you get to know me
 a little bit better and understand what inspired Sugarloaf. 
On this blog, I will share thoughts about my life as a mother of two fabulous and inspiring children, Léon (12) and Joséphine (8),  and as a “mompreneur”. I will write about what it takes to balance a family life in Brooklyn with work. I will let you peak behind the scenes of Sugarloaf. You will find posts about the designers and the brands we work with, about the way I choose the products and the styles. And much more!

First of all, Sugarloaf is a dream come true. I started on September 14, 2017. 
I always wanted to create my own shop and to work with designers and brands I really love. 
After first creating a PR agency and working for many years for beautiful children brands here in Brooklyn, I just decided to do it! I also decided to focus on babies because I LOVE BABIES! It is as simple as that!
And why Sugarloaf? Because I wanted to pay tribute to my hometown, the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The Sugarloaf is an iconic mountain overlooking the spectacular Copacabana beach and it has always been one of the most beautiful memories of my time spent as a child in Rio. And also when I was a little girl and we moved to Switzerland, I used to eat a " pain au sucre” - a sugarloaf - as my daily afternoon snack. I used to love these so much! So that’s why I never doubted Sugarloaf would be the perfect name for my store. 
From now on I will continue to post here. Blogging is new for me and time is scarce but I'll do my best.  So please bear with me!

Lastly, I would like to say a big big thank you to my family, especially my husband Jean-Cosme, my little loves Léon and Joséphine, who supported me from the beginning.

AND YOU! Thank you so so much for your orders since the shop launched, for your trust and for your love!




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